Michelle's Bio


Michelle Llavona’s career as a jewelry designer and creator began during her years at university, where she found herself channeling her creativity through beading and creating custom jewelry. What started as a hobby developed into not only an outlet for her creative side, but a serious passion. And it became her work.

Within in a few years, Michelle started her own business. Since the origins of the business, Michelle has relied on her talented family of designers to help create new pieces and collections that evoke an ethereal quality which appeal to her beloved clients, individuals who understand the value of her artistic talent. Together, they produce an ethos that is warm and truly family-like. Based on this, Michelle and her passionate team have partnered with the local businesses in an attempt to blossom alongside them in the years to come. Inspiration comes from the constant search for new design concepts and defines her approach to the jewelry-making process.

Michelle dedicates herself to creating unique and compelling pieces of jewelry. She ensures each piece she designs, from the smallest pair of earrings to the biggest statement pieces; all have a special touch that showcases her own unique style. Her elaborate adornments are carefully designed and constructed to be art, yet maintain suitability for everyday life. Michelle’s strategy and innovation-centered design methodology consist of developing unique works of creativity, understanding their aesthetic, and crafting one-of-a-kind creations that reflects her inner talent. She believes in infusing her artistic vision and the aesthetic of her materials into each piece she designs. It’s this attention to detail, combined with personal passion and creativity, that produces extraordinary designs, exotic in nature.