About Michelle Llavona


Michelle Llavona is a name that has long been synonymous with high quality in the jewelry industry. Founded in 2007 in Puerto Rico, Michelle Llavona is a brand which specializes in making individual pieces of jewelry by hand, creating ingenious designs that reflect the distinctive tastes and styles of their cherished clients.

For many years she has partnered with her family - individuals who are experienced designers in their own right, each with their own skills and talents - to bring her special touch to the market, works of art that are a result of true teamwork and passion. Llavona is constantly on a mission to find new materials that prove an inspiration to her work, searching around the world for an integral part of the latest artistic collections. The result is a long list of products that are unique, exclusive, and of the highest quality. Thus, Llavona’s pilgrimage in the world of jewelry has led her to the creation of prized individual works, creations that add color and diversification to her extensive collection.

Her journey has not yet come to an end, as she strives, with the help of her expert group of designers, to fashion a varied combination of materials – both precious and semi-precious – into a realization of her artistic vision. The combination of Llavona’s inspiration and creativity, along with the wide variety of materials she uses, fuses those materials into wearable art.